AbogadosPH Community Guidelines

In AbogadosPH, we advocate the sharing of legal information, legal tools, and networking of lawyers, for the benefit of everyone in need of legal advice, assistance, help, and those who are just plain curious! It is our mission to cultivate a culture of bayanihan amongst lawyers and those interested in the law, communal togetherness, unity, and mutual assistance. After all, Filipinos are naturally hospitable and kind-hearted human beings. However, it is our duty to maintain decorum, conduct, and professionalism on the site.

These Guidelines were crafted to support this mission – to encourage the proliferation of accurate legal information each lawyer is well-meaning to share, without offending anyone. We humbly request the Filipino lawyers to be generous in sharing one’s legal knowledge, but to act within the Code of Professional Responsibility, or just plainly be morally equipped officers of the court. Conversely, we ask the legally curious to be respectful and not to abuse the kindness of the lawyers. As such, we respectfully ask all participants to adhere to these Guidelines, which applies to all content on AbogadosPH.

To Everyone – Be Respectful.

The universal ground rule in AbogadosPH is for the users to RESPECT each other. Remember, we are dealing with the law and its application on the everyday lives of human beings, may it be with regard to the simple notarization of an affidavit of loss, to the arduous filing of an annulment case. Each person comes to this site either equipped with legal knowledge, or in search of legal answers. We value what each person may bring to the table.

AbogadosPH reserves the right to censure or block users who are disrespectful to others, and to delete comments that prove to be seriously dishonest, gravely insulting, or clearly malicious. We also might seek clarification with the user with regard patently misleading statements for these to be possibly corrected, in order to maintain accuracy of the information found on the website.

To the Abogados – Be Professional.

The founders of this website are lawyers such as you, and we share your eagerness to help those in need, and to network with fellow Filipino lawyers. May we request your good selves to treat this site as if you were in a courtroom, and act like the professionals that we are. Your knowledge on the law is greatly appreciated, though extreme arrogance would not.

We further encourage you to share as much information about your business or practice with the AbogadosPH community. However, if the free subscription is insufficient for you, we ask that you do this in your profile or through our available Expert or Corporate Packages, as well as at the Advertising Solutions we have provided. Please do not add unrelated information to the profile allocations. Such information will be removed. All profiles in AbogadosPH contain contact sections where customers can get in touch with you should they need more information about your services.

To the Legally Curious – Be Kind.

First and foremost, thank you for visiting this website. While it is our goal for you to receive topnotch legal advice, we cannot guarantee the availability of the lawyers you might have contacted. We also have no way of ensuring the quality of their responses to you. Please know that the lawyers may be busy at times, and they are here mainly to help.

Therefore, it is our request for you to be kind in asking questions to the lawyers. We also remind you that no lawyer-client relationship is formed between you and the lawyer should the latter give you initial advice on this site, unless you agree to formally engage said lawyer as your counsel.


Lawyers and/or their Law Offices may be reviewed by users using the Review Facility of AbogadosPH. We humbly request that reviews be based on the personal knowledge or experience of the user, not based on hearsay (or on what you heard from other people). We understand that some users may be too kind in reviewing lawyers, but let’s try to be as accurate as possible. Please know that reviews are moderated by AbogadosPH.

Inappropriate Content

AbogadosPH is an advocate of freedom of speech and expression, but please keep in mind that this is a professional site. The rendering of legal services is no light matter, no matter what the case or issue is. We are sensitive of the feelings of each user, and there is no room for rude, judgmental, lewd, and plain offensive people on AbogadosPH.

We appreciate the passion that lawyers may bring, as well as the eagerness of the legally curious, but please maintain proper decorum, as if we were all face-to-face. Should our team locate any inappropriate content, we will not hesitate to remove these content, and may result in removal of posting privileges, and blocking access of the site.

Privacy and Safety

Your privacy and safety is our priority, so please be mindful of the information that you give away on this site. Be wary of deceitful persons that might get private information from you. The last thing we want is for your credit card numbers or passwords be passed through this site. Kindly safeguard these information, as well as other personal details (i.e., lawyer detail numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses) that might be too revealing of your personal life. But please feel free to contact professionals using the details displayed on AbogadosPH.

In Conclusion…

We thank you for your compliance with these Guidelines. We pray and hope that your experience on this site would be a fruitful one. For further questions, or to report any infractions, please contact us.